Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Links Presented by Emanuela dePaula

Her: Video
British govt trying to ban porn: flisted
20 baddest Santa's: heavy
76 photos of porn stars in Christmas attire: brobible
Introducing the dick towel, avail in many sizes: donchavez
Blackmarkets you won't believe exist: smokingjacket
20 most scandalous Santa Pics: manofest
11 Celebrities who were secretly badass: cracked
7 gifts not to get your girlfriend this Christmas: guyism
The dating site that targets Virgins: flisted
8 Most ridiculous drinks of 2010: clutch

After watchin Emanuela's video, i feel like i know her, and would walk up to her like i do any old friend when i see her, infact that little vid, felt as though we went through a whirlwind of dates(crazy brazillian) and are now just reasy to get intimate. So if you see her let her know i'm waiting here for her. In other news we tried to keep it as Christmassy as we could, without the overkill, santa, nativity scene, and reindeer vibe. So enjoy my good people. because posts will be thin during this season. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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