Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Xeno attacks start again - A burning hatred

Funny how a year ago South Africans embraced their fellow African brothers like our lives depended on it and that's cause we felt closer to our brothers because of The Soccer World Cup, no sign of Xenophobia, no black on black violence.

In 2009 we had a country fueled with anger and hatred against anyone who wasn't from South Africa...I'm not reffereing to just anyone not from our shores, I'm talking about people who are from the very same continent we're from. More after the jump:

Its seem South Africans are at it again, a man died earlier today and thats just because he is from Zimbabwe, the excuse given for his brutal murder is that the community was trying to route out people they believed are criminals. Funny how the only criminals routed out is one Zimbabwean national...


I could go for days about what the possible reasoning is behind this incident is but as long as our government isn't delivering on the promises they made only a couple of weeks ago when it came to election time, this is only the beginning. The thing that cracks me up the most is that every incident of Xenophobia is disguised as an isolated incident, if you've been following publications you'll know there have been a couple of these incidenst here and there. What you must understand is that it is bad PR for our government as soon as there is even one incident of Xenophobia and best believe that no one is going to come out and say that this is another case of Xenophobia but alas, its going to be tagged as another isolated incidence of violence.


The more we keep attacking our brothers the more despicable we look as a nation, as soon as it gets to a point that innocent South Africans can not travel the rest of the continent because of our reputation, how much will it take before we realise that you can not for any apparent reason attack a fellow African because you don't like which country he comes from?

Its days like this when I feel ashamed to call my self South African!



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