Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Links Presented by Ashley Sky

Her: video
The 40 best man Cities: maxim
Supermans new Costume: unreality
5 reasons life does get better: cracked
25 hottest Elite female athletes: bleacherreport
16 Dave Chappelle GIFS to celebrate his return. I'm fuckin anped about hios return: coedmagazine

Todays hot list: heavy
Man removes wart with shotgun: flisted
Man confesses to shooting of Tupac: realtalkny
Watyne Rooney hangs out with black guy, just automatically assumes its Jay Z: flisted

Man public holidays should not fall on  Thursday, totally fucks with whatever work etic one posseses. Itype this with free booze stil swilling around my system fropm a Y-fm party. She's a bleter from Brazil and the rest iss the interesting shit on the internet I couldn't be bothered to type out in my own words.


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