Monday, June 20, 2011

Ken Block Dirt3 Gymkhana: Tilt Shift edition

Everybody and their Mamma, should know who Ken Block is. If you don't, motherfuckers need to get acquainted with the GOOGLES. here he is ripping shit up as he usually does, but with a slight twist. We're offered new footage of his run at Battersea Power Station, as filmed through a tilt-shift lens. The tilt-shift lens creates the effect of a miniaturised world as Ken Block performs a masterclass in car control around the iconic London landmark which was turned into the DC Compound — a level from DiRT 3 set at Battersea Powerstation. if you've never seen Block, do his thing you'll swear that was just a RC car on a mini circuit. I need a tilt shift lens as in yesterday.


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