Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Links presented by Alesandra Tomacheski

Her: video
Hugh Hefner moves on with new Playmate girlfriend. Every man should live like Hugh: flisted
Beyonce's mom pullin diva stunts at Beyonce video shoot: dlisted
Will; Smith and Jay Z kick it on the set off Men in Black 3, Jigga had to get away from B' s mom: globalgrind

The 7 keys to a succesful one night stand: guyism
The 10 best bands to get laid to: coedmagazine
25 of the craziest pics from Jackass: holytaco
Mind the gap: thechive

25 best albums of 2011 so far: complex
The 4 most potentially badass fathers who never had kids: cracked
Fat kid summer fashion: collegehumor

Another Brazillian, leading the fucking links. Brazil should just grant me citizenship already, hollow out that Jesus statue, furnish it and let me live in there. The internet wants you to get laid, this weekend, and gives you tips for a good one night stand, and if i might add they missed one. Have an exit Strategy for the morning after. The music to play while you give her the best 3 seconds of your life. Practise all of it now,  and you should be good come the weekend. I'm gonna be out of town for the next two weeks, so expect few if not zero posts from me till July. Luckily B.C.M. will be holding down the fort in my abscence.


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