Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Woman poses naked inside dead horse

Sometimes these headlines just writes theemselves.

After caring for a 32-year-old horse in declining health, Elizabeth Herrick and her boyfriend Joshua Washburn put it down with a single gunshot from a large calibre rifle.

Once the couple shot and gutted the horse, 21-year-old Elizabeth took off her clothing, climbed inside the carcass and took photos. After posting them online, the couple was met with an avalanche of criticism that lead to a police investigation for animal cruelty.

As well as photos of Elizabeth inside the horse's body, there are many others, one of which appears to depict the couple posing with the animal's heart

The couple's explanation for the photos -- and later eating the animal? According to authorities at the department, the pair wanted to feel "one with the horse" and nature. Detectives ruled no charges would be filed against the pair since nothing they did is technically illegal in the state of Oregon.

Should I just chalk this up to the misadventures of youth, anyway how is this different from Lafy Gaga wearing a meat dress?
catch the uncensored pics here


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