Friday, November 4, 2011

Rhino vs. Warthog [Video]

I like to be a responsible blogger, so every now and then I'll drop a cautionary video to help you stay out of trouble , because I'm kind like that. It's the weekend after payday weekend for quite a few of you, and you might feel all sorts of invincible with that extra dosh in your pocket. So good in fact, that you'll probably go out get a bit shitfaced and try to hit on as many girls as you can tonight.

Remember my good friends, not every girl is yours, and sometimes you can't eat at the same table as the bigger animals. I'll let the video above illustrate what could potentially happen if you decide to eat at another mans plate, I hope it resonates with you well. This is Afica, don't care how charming and well loved Pumba is.


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