Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dating Site in crap for anti fat people, advert

America, is a wonderful country indeed, no other country has as much liberties, oppurtunities, and wealth as the the United States. It's something they pride themselves on, and rightly so. You're at the top of the food chain, revel in that achievement, but sometimes the American public will go in hard on their own when they feel you're in the wrong, as in this case.

Ashley Madison, a "married dating service for discreet encounters" (yes, such a thing exists), just released the second of two ads that mock a plus-size model for her look.  You read that right ladies and gentlemen, a website that encourages you to have an extra-marrital affair is causing a stir because they're against fat people.

The dating site, which seeks to connect married or "attached" individuals for affairs, released an ad last week stating, "Did your wife SCARE you last night?" with a photo of an overweight woman lounging sexily in lingerie.

Am I the only one who feels that the biggest problem is that there is a site that encourages people, to step outside of marriage? And you're worried because someone who eats too much is not looked at as the archetypal beauty.

 Hahahaha, I'm packing my bags for the States first thing, marrying an American woman for a green card, then I'm gonna cheat as much as I like, as long as I'm passing the dick around non- discriminantly. Win - Win!


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  1. I think the figure is one of the reasons of extra marital affair. women like big men