Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Links presented by Melinda Bam

Her: video + video2
Tom Cruise can only be served by men, some weird scientology shit!: superficial
Demi Moores rebound, hahahaha, it you can't make this shit up: dlisted
7 things women do that really piss men off: guyism
Playboy suggests playmates to follow on twitter: smokingjacket

91 women wearing red for World Aids Day: Coedmagazine
GIFS that bounce, definately worth a look: thechive
7 movies that put in insane work into didn't notice: cracked
50 coolest malls in the world: complex

The ultimate squat guide 35 plus squat excercise variations: artofmanliness
66 sexiest celebs to take it off for playboy: guyism

Melinda, up there is one of the 12 finalists for the Miss South Africa Pagaent 2011, far as I'm concerned they should save themselves some money crown her now, and forego the whole parade. Just straight ship her to Miss Universe, this woman is a world beater, she's the apex predator in the jungle of beauties. Hopefully she reads this and grants us an interview.

Anyway,the silly season has begun, and that means our schedule is going to go a little wonky, so don't expect a lot of posts. We'll update when we can. If we don't, enjoy the rest of the year.


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