Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bugatti 16C Galibier

With the Veyron nearing the end of it's production run and it's replacement still under lock and key. Leaving all to wonder how they'll improve upon the beast that is the Veyron. What we do get however, is the new Four door Bugatti, squarely aimed at blowing Rolls Royce, Aston, Porsche, Maybach and Bentley out of the uber luxury sedan market, as the most coveted item for the rich and famous.

Once existing only in concept form, Bugatti’s 16C Galibier is set to officially hit the production line. The four-door sedan will feature another high-powered engine with rumors including the W16 with 1,000 hp, or a more scaled-back 800 hp which utilizes only two turbochargers. The price of speed and comfort will set potential buyers back $1.4 USD million.

more pics after the jump...

8 exhaust tips on one car? This car is a giant fuck you to the poor and the C.O.P 17 Conference, but I want one. Ball is in your court Kenny Kunene, show us how major you are!


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