Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I don't like black people - Annelie Botes

Annelie Botes has come and and said that she does not like black people in an interview with newspaper Rapport, many a South African aren't too pleased about her comments...

Author and columnist Annelie Botes told Rapport newspaper in an interview last week she did not like black people.

People have since either hailed Botes as “brave” or called for her to leave the country.

Asked in the Rapport interview which people she did not like, Botes paused before she answered that she would be honest despite knowing her answer would shock.

“I don’t like black people.”

She continued: “I don’t understand them! ... I know they are people just like me. I know they have the same rights as me. But I do not understand them. And then I do not like them. I avoid them because I am scared of them ... My neighbour was brutally murdered. For what?

“If black people are hungry, why don’t they, like in the old days, break in, steal the fridge and walk away? I know where their anger comes from. It has f**k all to do with apartheid. They are angry because of their own incompetence.”

Botes had since told Rapport this weekend she was not a racist and should have instead said she did not like “all black people”.

The title speaks for itself
Her publishing company, NB Publishing, had distanced itself from her comments.

A number of people have tweeted their feelings, left messages on Facebook and commented on the Rapport’s website.

Zimo2 tweeted: “Why don’t you relocate you ugly minded? Are you beautiful by any chance?”

Zena wrote on the Rapport website: “I agree 100 percent with her. Too many people out there are false.”

Pierre de Vos, constitutional law expert at UCT, wrote on his blog Constitutionally Speaking that Botes’ comments were an indication of the feelings of other South Africans. “We all know now that this is not an aberration. These sentiments are rife and are supported either tacitly or more loudly by many white South Africans.”



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  1. hmmm... Look, i don't think hate speech is correct but I don't really like all white people either. And it takes a lot for me to like indian people at all. I dnt even have indian friends. It's a system we come from. And I agree, why kill if you just wanna still. I dnt get that either...

    I'm not saying I don't like indians but there prejudices that I have to fight all the time when it comes to them. It's how I was raised. And to be simple minded and think change happens over night? You will obviously stay simple minded.

    South Africa has a long way to go and it's about time a real issue is uprooted. We don't really like one another because of our race... Racism is not abt colour, it's about stereotyping cos of colour.
    I'm glad she spoke, now the process of breaking down these prejudices can begin for - cos she had the guts to admit it