Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Flush Tracker

Curiosity, need not cause you sleepless nights any more. That's if you ever wondered where your turds, went after you dropped them in the porcelain throne. Me personally i'm just glad they are gone, like children that leave the house, after Varsity. I have no interest in finding out where they landed up, how they are doing, all that sort of jazz, but some of you are more concerned, wondering if your food baby is able to fend for himself in the big bad world.

maybe things aren't lookin up for him

No more speculating. Domestos has created a sight where you can track yourmost recent flush. You enter in your location, time of flush, and you get notified via email as to your turds travels. I'm goin to sopend the better part of my day dropping deuces, in the toilet to see how accurate this thing is. I'm trackin the Popes poop as you read this

click here to track yours: flushtracker

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