Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lord,Lord,Lord - Jailers give wounded man plastic bag for guts

I've heard about the atrocities that plague the Zimbabwean correctional service system but this one is just too damn gruesome, a Zimbabwean inmate got shot before he went to jail and never recieved any medical treatment, not only that but his intestines were seeping through the wound and other jailers gave him a plastic bag to house his insides...

Boas Chiwanza appeared before a judge on Monday - holding his innards in the palm of his hand.

Chiwanza was in considerable pain during the proceedings and was scarcely able to speak to the judge - who ordered prison orderlies to take the prisoner to hospital immediately.

The incident is the latest in a series of shocking revelations about conditions in Zimbabwean prisons, where more than 1000 inmates died during the first six months of last year, and inmates live amid filth and sewage.

Court documents claimed that Chiwanza was shot in the stomach while trying to disarm a policeman.

"We don't play homie"
Chiwanza told Judge Yunus Omerjee that his stomach had been ripped open by the bullet.

There was no doctor in the hospital in the Harare remand prison where he was held.

Prison Chief Superintendent Billiot Chibaya told the court that Chiwanza had been given painkillers and plastic bags in which to hold his intestines.

The main treatment outstanding is closure of the tear which is supposed to be done at hospital, he said.

Irene Petras, director of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, said that prisoners had for a long time been viewed as sub-human.

Damn! I would be freaked the fuck out if I was the judge, what was so difficult in taking the poor dude to the hospital especially since you can see his insides.



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