Thursday, November 25, 2010

Son finds real mom is bearded lady

For someone who's been orphaned or grew up with foster parents I can olny uimagine the sleepless nights that come with wondering who your real parents are...In this instance I would prefer not to know who my real mother is if she's going to turn out to be the original Breaded Lady.

A man’s quest to find his biological mother ended in a hair-raising discovery.

Richard Lorenc, 33, found out his real mom is a world-famous bearded lady.

Now, the US man has been reunited with Vivian Wheeler, 62, who once worked in a circus sideshow.

The clowns from the circus miss her
After six weeks of investigating, the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services put him in touch with his mother.

Richard inherited his mother’s condition of hypertrichosis, also known as werewolf syndrome, which manifests itself in the growth of excessive facial hair from a very early age.

Vivian was also born a hermaphrodite, but her mother told doctors to remove her male genitals after her birth.

"I'm not alone"
Her dad sent her to work in sideshows as a five-year-old and she earned up to R7 000 a month, which she sent home to her family.

She was also recognised by The Guinness Book of Records for having the longest beard ever grown by a female - an impressive 30 centimetres.

Her son Richard was taken from Vivian when he was three and was adopted at age seven

Maybe its because I'm shallow as hell but if it turned out that the bearded lady is my mom I would rather go back to my foster/adopted parents cause I know for a fact that they're not sideshow freaks. Wisemen normally say that ignorance is bliss and unfortunately I can't ignore the beard mom!



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