Thursday, November 25, 2010

Couple Pulled From River After Backseat Romp

If you've never had sex in a car I'm glad they no longer make you...For those hwo have you'll understand when i say that having sex in a car is an acrobatic feat, positioning yourlsef in the car can be a bitch. There's a couple who found out the hard way that sex in a car can be tres tricky.

One couple had to learn that lesson the hard way when they were fished out of a river after getting a little too frisky.

While doing their thing in the backseat, the couple accidentally hit the automatic gearstick and sent the car straight into the Rhine river. Police explained what happened next:
‘The car had been running to keep the interior warm and before they realised what had happened it had shifted from ‘park’ to ‘drive’ and they were off.’
I keep asking myself why the hell would you keep the car running for heating purposes, the car is bound to heat up when you start with the bonking session. I wouldn't want to find myslef trying to explain tio the cops why my car is in the river and why me and my female partner are hardly dressed...Stuffed!



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