Monday, May 23, 2011

Lotto winner sticks with delivery job

Seeing as today is a Monday I know a lot of people hate sitting in front of the computer slugging away at your workstation and if you were given the opportunity you'd definitely quit with immediate effect especially after winning the lottery. A man in Hong Kong went back to his dead beat job after winning R118.6 million. More after the jump:

A co-winner of Hong Kong’s biggest lottery jackpot ever is to stick with his $300-a-week delivery job.

According to a news report today, Jagpal Singh (32) was one of three people who shared a jackpot of $17 million (R118.6 million) in Friday’s draw of the city’s weekly Mark 6 lottery.

Singh, a Hong Kong-born Indian, said he would not give up his job despite his $5.7-million win because he would get bored without it, the Hong Kong Standard reported.

He told the newspaper he would use some of the money to marry his Indonesian girlfriend of four years in India in November, put money in her account and help some charities.

The huge jackpot in Friday’s draw, created by a rollover prize after the correct six numbers were not picked for eight weeks, generated massive queues at betting centres around Hong Kong.

The weekly lottery is the only legal form of betting in the gambling-mad city of 7 million apart from bets on horse races and football matches.

This dude has lost his mind! If I won all that cash, you can bet your furry ass I'm not pitching to work the next day, year...ever! I guess dude really loves his job, funny thing is I'm sure he could buy a significant amount of shares within the company if he likes it that much. Go figure!



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