Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Will.I.Am - Music saved me

Will.I.Am recently came out and said that music saved his life as he probably would have been a "notorious gang mamber". More after the jump:

The Black Eyed Peas star believes he was "saved" from a life of crime by his teenage friendship with bandmate Apl.de.ap and thinks their passion for music has helped preserve their bond over the years.


You saved me like Kells homie!
Asked what would have happened if he hadn't formed the band, he said: "I would have been a notorious gang member.

"First I'd have to rebel against my mum and then rebel against the law.

"Rebelling against the law is much easier than rebelling against my mum!

"It was the friendship that saved me and then the fact that we both enjoyed music that kept the friendship alive."

The 'I Gotta Feeling' hitmaker also revealed he stays grounded thanks to his family and making regular visits to his childhood home – even though his relatives no longer live there.

He added: "My mum and going home makes me grounded. When I go home, I'm just Willy or Weeiam.

"Every time I go home I go to see the little girl who lives there [in my old house]. Her name's Jennifer, she wrote me a text only two days ago."

Please don't rob me Mr Will.I.Am

I find it very difficult to believe that Will.I.Am would have been anything then a musician, if not he woudl have been a fashion designer cause homies outfits are out of the world. GTFOH with that shit you would have not robbed anyone or stole anything from anyone.


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