Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Deglon meeting knife set

We here over at the Finger, know the importance, of a good set of knives, our cullinary skills hinge on them. However, a good set of knives, is trumped any and every day by a set that also doubles as a conversation peice, and that's exactly waht these knives are. Of course as with anything in life anything worth having, will not come easy or cheaply.

Made from a single piece of steel -- with proportions determined by the Fibonacci sequence (you math geeks and Da Vinci Code fans will know what that is), cut with a laser, and hardened by a special hydrogen heat treatment -- this set of four knives is painstakingly sculpted so they fit perfectly together to form what looks like one large knife.Since they're so hard to make, and the fit must be exact, D├ęglon can only make about 200 sets each year. Plus the Museum of Contemporary Art carries them, so not only are they limited edition, but they are a work of art for your kitchen. Let's see you try to slice a tomato with a Warhol.

If your credit card is a little less weary than mine, by all means get yourself a set here.


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