Tuesday, April 19, 2011

BMW M3 gives Orgasm

If you ever watch Fifth Gear, the cheaper cousin to BBC's Top Gear. You might have heard of Vicki Butler Henderson. There's something about a woman who knows not only how to drive but the inner workings of a car and how to tame the beast. Vicki, falls squarely in that category. No lies, if Vicki didn't know half the shit she did about cars, and drove like a demon, I probalby wouldn't even look twice. Now she test drives my dream car ( yeah assholes, I don't dream Lambos ) the BMW M3, but not just any M3, the M3 GTS. Which is just a track hardend beast. This is Vicki,  in  a teaser for the full test, of the BMW M3 GTS, having what could only be described as a cargasm.


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