Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Charlie Sheen found trashed in NY hotel

If there one thing I like about Charlie Sheen is his ability to always get into crap because of his shinanigans and this time is obviously no different from all th eother times.

Sheen was released from a New York hospital on Tuesday evening after being taken there in the early morning hours when he was found highly intoxicated in Manhattan's Plaza Hotel.

The police were called after Charlie trashed his hotel suite in a drunken rage. ITs alleged that Charlie accused an unidentified woman (aka a premium pussy peddler) of stealing his wallet. Charlie is in town for a family trip with his ex-wife Denise Richards.

"Help!!!Charlie won't let me out"

Police found Charlie fucked up in more ways than one, so they took him to the nearest hospital. Denise Richards went with him, because if anybody's an expert at johns gone wild, she is.

A different source says police walked into the suite, Charlie was passed out on the bed and the hooker was locked inside of a closet screaming her clit off. The source painted this lovely picture, "She was fearing for her life and was naked. Charlie was incoherent but started screaming slurs at the cops. They recognized him immediately and gave him two options: they could take him to the hospital or take him down to the station. Charlie chose the hospital."

His rep took to the mic at amateur night and said that Charlie merely had "an allergic reaction to some medication" and will be released from the hospital tomorrow.

Honestly this sound like a cocaine OD, which man over 30 years doesn't know which medication he is allergic to and why the fuck would you be taking random medication in hotel rooms with hookers, Charlie must just be happy that the cops didn't show up just as he was locking that hooker in the closet. I bet she'll never hear RKelly's trapped in the closet the same again.



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