Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Coca - Cola Mystic

French designer Jerome Olivet created this concept, Coca-Cola Mystic.  A glimpse into the future? More info and photos after the jump!

Lookin all futuristic and shit,  "MYSTIC surprises with its beauty and intensity. It was created to leave an intense  impressionn. Its racy style describes a supernatural world that soars skyward. Its skin has a sculpted unique spiritual experience.

Both organic shapes intertwine and form a body ambiguous and fascinating. Its loving silhouette, ties into a true popular poetry."

Future Coke, as iIlike to think of it. The design of this thing is such a departure from what we're used to seeing at Coke,  but it's not bad, just that I don't think Coke, would ever go for it. As long as they still pumping the old looking stuff.


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