Wednesday, October 27, 2010

News of the Siff

Some people horde things, have spare bedrooms full of stuff they no longer use, but refuse to throw out. It's always fascinated me how this, affects almost everyone, you all have those old ass clothes,  in your wardrobe. CLEAN SHIT OUT AND THROW IT AWAY!!! I digress though, as long as you're just holdin some tatty T-shirts you're good in my books, but this guy below, just plain in need of help. An Australian man has made a habit of collecting belly button lint for 26 years the collection now weighs 226 grams. More after the jump...


“I became curious about how much navel fluff one person could generate (enough to stuff a cushion, maybe?), and the only way to find for sure was to collect it and see,” he wrote on his blog “Millions of people collect stamps and coins, but as far as I know nobody else collects navel fluff. That makes my collection unique!”  Each day, the 45-year-old plucks the lint from his navel before he gets into the shower, and stores it in a clay pot. At the end of the year, he adds the harvest to his main collection, which is housed by color in glass jars and then labeled by date. “Over the last 20-plus years my navel has accumulated an average of 3.03 milligrams of fluff each day,” Barker wrote. “I doubt that many people have done this, so it’s not known whether the volume of fluff generated by my navel is any indication of what is normal.”


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