Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The reinvention of African garb


I've never been one to think of fashion and traditional African fabric simultaneously, they just never gelled; until now. Ankara is traditional cloth worn by Nigerian women as dresses, skirts, or headwraps. You know, the attire worn by out "sistaz" on those Naija films? Yeah, THAT fabric is the thing to don this summer, whether you're black, white, or Julius! 

 See, now all you African self-haters can relax coz being a proud African is back in style. Some items you can choose from include:





Now ladies, you may be as excited about the reinvention of African print as I am but remember that even though the festive season is upon us, you certainly don't want to look like a hot festive mess.
Rule of thumb: one printed item at a time.

These designs simply obviate a love for all things afrocentric!

Let there be style...
Jane Doe

source: ifashion

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