Friday, October 29, 2010

SA's Top Earning DJ's

DJ's get a lot of gigs, some are club gigs and others are cooperate and they normally get paid rather well. Turns out we get to get some insight as to how much some of these top jocks get paid.


The Mbaus of this world should look no further than local DJs if BEE moguls frown upon them.

Our investigations reveal that local DJs are accumulating as much wealth as their BEE counterparts.

A music promoter who regularly books club DJs reveals that DJ Cleo is the most expensive in the country, charging a fee of R15000 for an hour’s performance. Gigs usually last one hour but can be extended pending negotiations.

The latest BMW X5 and a bevy of other road monsters are testimony that DJ Cleo, who gets a minimum of five gigs a month, is well-heeled.

The promoter says DJ Fresh is the second most expensive, charging R13000 per hour.

He drives, among others, a Jeep and Mercedes Benz ML63 with the personalised registration number Dawg-GP. DJ Sbu and Glen Lewis lie in third place, with performance fees of R12000.

"How you like me now?"

Sbu drove a Porsche and gloated about buying himself an Aston Martin. Glen Lewis tootles around in a Hu mmer.

DJ Euphonik is fourth placed at R11000. He “pushes” an Audi A3 and Mini Cooper – among others.

Black Coffee is said to be fifth at R10000 a shot. He drives, among other cars, a 4x4 and a CLK Merc. He is on the same level as DJ Tira and Fistaz Mixwell. Fistaz drives a Maserati and DJ Tira cruises in the latest Chrysler sedan.

They are followed by DJs Kent, Ganyani and Clock at R9000 per hour.

DJ Kent

Kent drives an Audi A3, while Clock has a Golf5 to show for his efforts. Ganyani owns a 2002 BMW while DJ Choice owns a BMW 1 Series.

The promoter says Mahoota, Christos and Oskido are the cheapest big names, with a performance fee of R5000.


Da Vinci drives a BMW X5, Mahoota a Porsche Carrera and Oskido a Mercedes-Benz sedan.

It is not known what Christos drives.

“This is a lucrative industry and is gonna be more so in the coming years ,” says the promoter, who cannot be named.

DJ Cleo says: “What I charge is a confidential matter between me and my client.”

His sentiments were echoed by other DJs contacted for comment. Sbu’s business partner Thembinkosi “TK” Nciza refused to comment and referred us to Sanele Dlamini, who wouldn’t comment.

Glen Lewis...He make me go loco
Glen Lewis says his fixed rate is R12000, though this varies from one promoter to another.

“It also depends on the date, sound and atmosphere of the place you are going to work at.

“For instance, I cannot work for anything less than R20000 on New Year’s Eve or Christmas Day.”

He says the Hummer he drives is a sponsored car.

Oskido says he doesn’t have a fixed rate: “The idea is not to grow yourself only but other people as well. Many promoters are struggling, so you can’t just go there and charge them exorbitant fees.”

If your little neice or nephew comes up to you and says that when they grow up they want to become a DJ, don't tell them to focus on maths and stop day dreaming, let that little shit hook up some turntables and vinyls and get him started cause clearly you can make a living off this thing but lest we forget that all the afore mentioned DJs they're all producers and that counts a shit load in making it as a DJ.




  1. at least i can afford my favorite dj. tira

  2. black coffee suppose 2 be the highest coz he sure do his thing my best dj in SA

  3. Kent should be the most paid DJ...ROCK STAR