Monday, January 31, 2011

Uyanda's nose out of place

If you don't know by now that Ms Mbuli had some work done on her nase then you're one of the last people to know, in any event Robert Rey who is also known as Doctor 90210 was in the country and he had a few things to say about Uyanda's nose.

Visiting American king of plastic surgery and reality television show host Robert Rey has given red carpet queen Uyanda Mbuli a dressing-down.

On SABC1's Real Gobhoza show on Saturday Rey, who is also known as Dr 90210, was asked what he thought of Mbuli's nose job.

Rey, who is notorious for having a loose tongue, replied: "Uyanda should be careful when she turns on her bed so that her nose does not break on the pillow".

The comment left Real Goboza co-host Brenda Ngxoli in stitches. But not everybody was amused. The incident caused a Twitter and Facebook frenzy, with some of Mbuli's fans condemning Rey for his comments.
Rey, who has been under the knife himself, has performed plastic surgery on Hollywood celebrities, strippers and porn stars. His show is aired on Dstv's E! and has a huge following around the world.

The Brazilian-born plastic surgeon, who now lives with his wife and kids in the United States, is in South Africa to promote his new skin range called Sensual Solution.

The media-shy Mbuli was in Cape Town for the Met when the programme was aired. She refused to comment.

Everyone needs to be poked fun at, I just think that Uyanda needs to lighten up in any event you paid for that nose so deal with it. I guess being dissed by one of the most revered plastic surgeons in the world has got to hurt but it won't hurt as much as you nose breaking when you turn in bed...



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