Monday, January 24, 2011

For the Jhb Thundershowers

Most in and around Johannesburg, know that right now we're in the midst of the rainy season, crazy heavy showers that can last a 10 minutes to a day. What better way to to make the most of this weather , than in vesting in nice functional conversation piece for yourself?  Yeah i'm talking umbrellas, but not those crappy plastic handled ones you got, from your Gran when you were in junior school. I'm talking high end, wouldn't look out of place in a Victorian, period piece, carried by nobility. Such attention to detail is what's lacking in this era of mass production.
Silver plated heads top these Archer Adams umbrellas for 2011. Why not rock a skull, lizard, snake  or other representations of all things evil. Make you umbrella something more – or something less. About a R1100 for one.


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