Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Braufactum Beer

Those that follow the blog should by now know that I'm the one with an eye for the finer things, and has a good appreciation for inspired design and it's application, in everyday products. So when i say this beer seems to have change the ganme in terms of packaging, you best sit up and take notice. This packaging really classes u[p the joint. One of the problems I've had with beer is how people look down on it as a blue collar drink, sure there are some premium brands out there, but when the bourgeoise pop their fancy champagne and whisky bottles, they still look blue collar. No need to hide your beer anymore Braufactum has classed up the fuckin joint. have a look at these pics and tell me otherwise.pics and vid after jump...

Ladies and gentlemen, Beer has gone corporate, it now knows the meaning of black tie event, and if you're a lady beer drinker, it dons it's evening gown, you could sip this on the red carpet at the Oscars.

but like all beer i bet it has this effect upon the first sip


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