Monday, January 24, 2011

Drunk Drivers to be named and shamed

Things just got real. The Traffic Department seems to be delivering on a promise they had made last year. Even though it's a little late. The promise was to name and publish names of all drivers caught drinking and driving in Decemberin KZN. A total of 504 were caught in the period of December in KZN alone. Spokesman Kwanele Ncalane, says, "We had a few challenges that made it impossible to publish the names during the first week of the year. We were unable to get most of the names or to verify them because the staff in the justice department were on leave," he said.
Ncalane also said the department had to ''wait for the outcome of the matters on appeal", and that t hey are working towards getting verified information ''which will not violate the rights of the offenders".

This is not the GQ BES DRESSED LIST, it's a list you want to avoid at all costs., It's only a matter of time brefore the JMPD catch on.


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