Friday, January 28, 2011

The essential Bag for every Man

I could never keep up with the trends in ladies bags. Firstly cause that would make me a fag, secondly and  to be politically correct, I could never understand the amount of variety the ladies have to choose from., and Thirdly those bags are just not functional. Men on the other hand utilise the shit out of pockets, and carry bags only when they have to, real men that is! So this is the only bag i'd be seen lugging around everywhere I go, because everytime is a good time to have a cocktail.
Looking just like a stately piece of luggage, the bag actually reveals six padded sections for holding bottles, glasses and other tools. Not to mention the ingredients necessary for shakin' up a little white russian. Getting hold of some ice might be tricky, but I'm sure true adventurers can improvise.


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