Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Links presented by Olivia Munn

Her: Video
Porn Star tweets crotch shot from Charlie Sheens house: brobible
Kings of Leon, shat on by Glee producer for refusing to have a song on the show: dlisted
10 realistically akward sex scenes in movies: nerve
Infuriatingly talented kids: holytaco
Learn Yoga from a playboy bunny, surely this is the only way a man should learn yoga: linkiest
7 most Emo superheroes of all time: guyism
Terminator meets Jesus: onequickbeer
The reason Jennifer Love Hewitt can't land a man: flisted
The 7 acceptable occassions for a sausage fest: brobible

So up top is Justin Timberlakes latest piece, looking so good she can keep her clothes on. Word on the street is he's cheating on Jessica Beil with this one.
I can't knock his hustle, but is this guy trying to run through my whole fantasy roster? It's that time of the week when I'm at my laziest,because I have the weekends drinks on my mind. So i link. Some Charlie Sheen in the news, his latest porn star seems to be riding the Charlie Sheen problems to her advantage, you won't hear me complain if she posts more pics like that. Try stay a little healthy this weekend and doa little yoga, courtesy of a playboy playmate, such fine things! Still want tosee what the South African version of the Magazine is going to bring us.. Fuck it good people click awaya at each of these liks and i'm sure the banality of your day will disappear.


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