Friday, February 25, 2011

Tuesday Links Presented by Adina Barbu

Her: video
Dita von Tease and her hot new Renault ad : smokingjacket
Sex Tips for men given by women: thecampussocialite
Quitting smoking: 6 things you notice about the world: cracked
Man surives bullet to the head after bullet deflects off his gold tooth: mtvclutch
Women would trade sex to be skinnier: flisted
25 filthy people eating in the toilet: holytaco
Chris Brown beat Rihanna worse than we imagined. I know just when you were staring to like him again: IDLYITW
Ten ways to make your interviewr love you: collegecandy
Six obvious steriod uses in movies: uncoached
how to avoid gold diggers: askmen

Adina Barbu uptop, a female who just love to bare it all gets our seal of approval. Another week Ladies and gentlemen. More specifically a payday weekend for most of us. IO have a feeling things will get ridiculous. That's why we're hitting you with a lot of advise this week, from sextips from the ladies, to avoiding golddiggers. I'm also thinking that you guys are gonna get shit faced and might end up sittin on the shitter in a drunken stupor with some 24hr Mcdonalds. Oh that Golddigger link segues nicely into the next Knaye West post.


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