Monday, February 28, 2011

Call for Kuli Roberts to be sacked

Seems Miss Roberts managed to piss every coloured person off after her weekly column on Sinday World called Bitches Brew hit one too many nerves and cited that coloured people have no front teeth and eat way too much fish:

There have been calls for Sunday World columnist Kuli Roberts to be fired after the newspaper ran an article she wrote on Coloured people.

The piece was slammed by some as "racist" and "offensive".

The column comes just days after GCIS CEO Jimmy Manyi was forced to apologise after it emerged he commented that there was an oversupply of Coloureds in the Western Cape a year ago.

In the article, Roberts writes that a "friend" explained to her why Coloured people are mad.

The piece cites several claims including that Coloured people shout and throw plates, have no front teeth and eat fish like they are trying to deplete the ocean and love to fight in public.

Roberts also comments on Coloured people’s hair, breeding potential and jokes about other people’s mothers.

"Jou Ma Se Kuli"
City Press Editor Ferial Haffajee has labelled the article "racist", "vile" and "disgusting" suggesting that if the Sunday Times fired former columnist David Bullard for racism, then Avusa must fire Roberts.

Angry South Africans who have read the article have described Roberts as pathetic, attention whoring and a bad writer on popular social networking platforms.

Read the article here:

I found the article a bit funny but obviously coloured people aren't going to find anything funny about being called all sorts of names although Kuli must be commended everything she mentioned is the general perception black people have about coloured people but will never say in public.


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