Friday, February 25, 2011

Estonians are hard or are the Finnish Pussies

I'm not even gonna pretend that I know Finnish law, but apparently the laws in Finland, don't allow the sale of Estonian produce( in this caes mushrooms) in Finland. Yeah how big are the problems in your country, if the cops are out and about arresting people in food markets for selling edible mushrooms grown in another country? Fuck it I need to move to Finland, life is all good up there. Anyway this rather lareg Estonian guy is not going down without a fight, motherfucker breaks out the Jason Bourne, moves. Dude is swift with it too, looks like anatural with that broom. Anyway I can assure you in SA, this dude would haver been shot one time. Our cops might be fat, but their trigger finger stays excercising.


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