Tuesday, February 22, 2011

SPCA stops cruelty to Spiders

I think that the SPCA needs to slow down on the weed, cause they have to be high to try and stop cruelty to spiders just because there is an advert of a shit scared little girl spraying a spider with shaving cream whilst getting freaked out by the motehrfucker. More after the jump:

An LG cellphone advertisement showing a young girl spraying a spider with shaving foam has been withdrawn from South African television over cruelty concerns, the National Council of SPCAs said on Tuesday.

This was after the organisation and 10 other individuals complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that the commercial perpetuated negative perceptions about spiders.

It also promoted the "unnecessary and cruel" killing of living creatures, spokeswoman Christine Kuch said in a statement.

"Oh! its a friendly spider"
The NSPCA told ASA that the message in the advertisement was abominable and it firmly believed it contravened Section 18 of the ASA Code.

"It would be interesting to measure this against the Animals Protection Act itself," Kuch said.

She said the NSPCA was informed on Friday that the commercial had been withdrawn.


Kuch said in its defence LG said the commercial "was produced in Korea as part of a global campaign".

An LG spokeswoman was not immediately available to comment.

In the advertisement a young girl, responding to screams from a family member who spotted a spider in the home, looks up spider removal information on her cell-phone.

She then sprays the shaving foam over the spider.

"You people cwazy"

When the fuck has a spider been a welcome guest in anyone's house? Someone should let a ton of Tarantulas loose in your house and we'll see just how you react you crazy motherfuckers! Hell! I'm using a spray can with a lit lighter in front to get rid of spiders in my house, we'll see who thinks that might be animal cruelty...



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