Friday, September 9, 2011

Tuesday Links presented by Melita Toniolo

Her: Video
25 people who fail at dressing themselves: holytaco
How to cook with booze on a budget: coedmagazine
If mens magazines were manlier: cracked

Five reasons to embrace death: maxim
Skirt Steak 5 different Ways: artofmanliness
25 WTF pics of the day: cavemancircus

7 so called manly things women acually hate: guyism
The facebook rap: heavy

By the time this post pops up I'll be watching the opening game of Rugby at this years World Cup. Yeah, I've auto cued everything to pop up at different times. So you're all fooled into thinking I'm on the grind. For those that aren't into the games read along and pretend you're checking the livefeed of the score. I should be at some dingy pub sipping on something long. Have a good Friday.


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