Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Porsche 911 has 7 speed manual gearbox

Yeah, my money game needs to step up, I have a little trouble wrapping my mind around a six speed manual, on the rare occassion that I get to drive one, and unless you're a Lorry driver, (in which case. "I kindly ask that you stop reading this blog, we don't take too kindly to your type here") you should have trouble processing a seven speed manual. This is Porschers way of making the environment cleaner, by cutting emissions, while keeping the drive sporty on this beast. As guys all you, heard was "more," which in the ganme of one upmanship in the burbs, more can never be enough. watch the vid as Porscher explains the new box. I need the money that comes along with knowing information like this. Hats off to Porsche though the machine looks sick!!

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