Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Prime suspect for Lolly lawyer's murder found dead

What seems to be playing out like a Mafia movie is actually the reality out here in Jozi, I've always known that there is deep belly to this beast called Joburg but Jesus it seems to get darker and dodgier the more years i spend here. The first thing to happen was that Lolly Jackson's lawyer Ian Jordaan went missing and what followed was the discovery of a chared body whose teeth were knocked out that belonged to Lolly's laywer. News that the prime suspect in the killing of Ian Jordaan has been found dead with a bullet wound have just come out, police don't suspect fould play at this point in time but fuck me I wouldn't be surprised if someone capped his ass and made it look like suicide. More after the jump:

a man thought to be the prime suspect in the apparent murder of Lolly Jackson's lawyer Ian Jordaan was found dead on Wednesday.

The body of Mark Phillip Andrews was found in Brackendowns on the East Rand.

It is understood he suffered a gunshot wound but it is unclear whether he was murdered or committed suicide.

Andrews was identified as the owner of the account into which murdered Teazers lawyer Ian Jordaan was allegedly forced to transfer R1.8 million after he was apparently kidnapped.


The late Lolly Jackson with his late lawyer Ian Jordaan
He was a former protégé and business partner of the strip club king.

Jordaan's burnt out car and a body believed to be his were found near Hekpoort west of Johannesburg last week.

Meanwhile, it has also been suggested that Andrews may have shot himself because the police turned their focus to him in their investigations into the murders of both Jordaan and Jackson.

This some Mafia shit , right here! 



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