Thursday, September 15, 2011

SuperSport puts the final nail in the coffin for Darren Scott

You know when you're in your car and no one can hear you...That's the best time to use racist words,cause not a single idiot can make out what you're saying unless that motherfucker is a lip reader. Darren Scott called his former colleague  Kaffir and kissed all his employment goodbye, including Super Sport. More after the jump:

According to SuperSport spokesperson Clinton van den Berg, the sports channel decided to fire presenter Darren Scott because of his racist slur and not because of public pressure.

"It was unthinkable for SuperSport to keep him. We were very disappointed to hear about it (the racist slur). It (racism) is a dangerous road to walk and an insult that can't be tolerated in a society like ours."

Scott worked as a rugby commentator for SuperSport for the past 18 years.

Scott resigned from Jacaranda 94.2 last week after calling a colleague the k-word during a team building event. SuperSport met with Scott on Tuesday after which they agreed to go their separate ways.

Although it's a big setback for the sports channel, SuperSport has many rugby commentators that can fill Scott's shoes with ease, Van den Berg said.

SuperSport ended its contract with Joost van der Westhuizen in March 2009 after he appeared in a much publicised sex video.

Hey Darren!Here's the ball of bad luck...catch!
"Joost left SuperSport because he told lies to management. Darren left due to racism.

"It is unthinkable that SuperSport will tolerate such behaviour," Van den Berg said.

I know Darren's favourite artist is probably Steve Hofmeyer but homjie you shoudl have listened to Aurthur whe he said "Ek se nie, don't call me kaffir"!



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