Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Links presented by Belen Lavallen

Her: Video
Why the iphone is killing the sneaker industry: sneakerfreak
iPhone 5 to be unveiled on October 5, by new C.E.O Tim Cook: engadget

10 Fictional Bars we'd Most Want to Get Drunk At: Guyism
4 people conspiring to ruin facebook: thesmokingjacket
Frank Ocean interview with Angie Martinez: missinfo
Floyd Mayweathers woman ringside: crunkanddisorderly

2pac and Biggie Freestyling, pre beef : dailywhat
Steve O walked into Mike tTysons fist at Charlie Sheens Roast: dlisted
6 Most Ridiculous Superhero Weaknesses: cracked
25 words you might not know are trademarked: mentalfloss


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