Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Top cop in fake number plate row

No you'd have to be stupid when you're touted as the next police chief of Tswane Metro and you go and pull some shit like faking a license plate, Nondumiso Jaca not only put the same number plate on his bike as you do on your car without anyone finding out that you've broken the law. More after the jump:

on Tuesday it emerged that Tshwane deputy chief Ndumiso Jaca made an attempt through the licensing department to register his false number plate.

The top cop is apparently trying to cover his tracks after an investigation revealed two of the vehicles he uses are fitted with the same false number plate, BALTY GP.


It also emerged  the Harley Davidson belonged to a friend while ownership of the unlicensed BMW Z4 fitted with state-issued blue lights remained unknown.


Sources said Jaca instructed the director of  licensing services, Johan Kock, to register BALTY GP on the system data base.

It is alleged the deputy chief also traced eNatis users who logged in to query his ID number and vehicles status.

The Tshwane Municipality's Pieter de Necker said they are looking into the claims.

On Monday, he said Jaca had been given time to respond to the allegations while the investigation continued.

Concerns have also been raised about Jaca using his position and authority to interfere in the investigation.

"Fuck your investigation,I'm Balty Bitch!!!"

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