Monday, September 5, 2011

Kris Humphries stuck on flight with Ray J

Whenever I get a chance to extol the virtues of Hip Hop music,I jump at the oppurtunity to do so. This story here is one that proves one of Hip Hops oldest and most loved adage. " Now this is one of them occasions, where the homies not doing it right. I mean he found him a hoe that he like, BUT YOU CAN'T MAKE A HOE A HOUSEWIFE." Dre knew what he was talkin about, but like all youngsters, you never listen to advise from elders till you're in the exact situation you were advised against.

NY Post - Nothing is worse than sitting next to someone on a plane who has a sex tape with your wife. Kris Humphries was stone-faced seated next to Kim Kardashian’s ex, Ray J, on a Delta flight Sunday from LA to New Orleans. Humphries, who boarded in Minneapolis, was in an aisle seat across from the singer in first class. Humphries sat there for a few minutes before moving to a seat in front of Ray J. After minutes of “awkward silence,” Ray J walked up to Humphries’ seat to congratulate him, but Kris acted like he didn’t recognize him. According to a source, “Ray J said, ‘Come on, you know who I am. I just want to say congratulations.’ Then Kris, realizing he was cornered, said, ‘Oh yeah, yeah, I’m sorry I know who you are.’ ” A mystery buyer is reportedly offering Vivid Entertainment a large sum to buy Kardashian’s sex tape with Ray J, to take it off the market. Some suspect that the buyer might be a member of the Humpdashian clan who may not want their family to see the tape. Humphries’ rep didn’t get back to us. Ray J’s rep declined to comment.


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