Friday, September 9, 2011

Pregnant Bikini Contest [video]

I like my women thick just like the next guy, Cliffhanger of an ass, something you can hold on to. The "thick chick," wasn't always de rigueur but,  she's steadily made her way back to prominence, circa the J.Lo era, and even then the thick ones weren't at all that forthcoming with their physiques, remember Alicia Keys when she dropped her first album? Every pic was just a headshot, cameras wouldn't pan down past the navel in videos. Oh my how things have changed. Everyone thick is getting their time in the sun.

Beauty pageants are usually reserved for slim and single women years away from starting a family.
But these mothers-to-be in Houston, Texas, have shown that not all expectant moms want to be at home with their feet up in their final months of pregnancy.
The pregnant women got their kit off to proudly show of their burgeoning bumps, dancing, gyrating and even doing the splits on stage.
vid and pics after the jump...

stop! Mama Time
 This however is a bit much, a pregnant women is a beautiful thing, but I don't wanna see spread eagled on the stage trying to get a little change. Now that Beyonce has joined the pregnant ones, maybe she can enter next time round, she has a better chance of wining this, than that elusive oscar. Lord knows the catering bill at this event must be huuuge.


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