Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Links presented by Ximena Capristo Corrientes

Her: Video
How to quit mindlessly surfing the net and get shit done: artofmanliness
Who is the most influentilal man of 2011: askmen
50 Cent will feed one child for every "like " his energy drink gets on Facebook: Complex

Fifteen Creepy stock photo search results for the word funny: thesmokingjacket
Wiz Khalifa, interview, pronounces baggy jeans as done: askmen
7 things women look for in your personality: guyism

30 HOT HOT BABES. The Chive
15 Celebrities Who May Be Reptilians. TruTV
World’s Oldest Whisky Costs $21K. GuysSpeed
Skydiving Porn Controversy. Holy Taco


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