Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nicki Minaj - I Am The Female Weezy [Video]

I guess there's a memo floating around at Young Money, encouraging their artists to take to video and drop their thoughts, and keep the public informed as to where their mindframe is at. Weezy did it two weeks ago, I think inspired by the death of Steve Jobs. Now It seems Nicki wants to have her say. I'm all good with these Public Service Announcements, but out the Young Money stable, I don't wanna hear from anyone else besides Wayne, Drake and Nicki. Not to be a dick or anything but I don't wanna hear from Mack Maine, Tyga , Chucky or whoever else is enjoying the coat tail ride over at YMCMB.

Fuck it after watching this, I just think Nicki is taking the piss out of Waynes Public Service Announcement. Don't know if this was approved by the higher ups, but I don't think it's a wise move to rip your boss like this.


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