Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rick Ross talks beef with Young Jeezy [Audio]

A rift that started a while back with Jeezy and his lines on "The real B.M.F." Since then there have been jabs taken from both sides, but realy nothing on wax. Rick Ross sits with Funk Flex, and stokes the fire a little bit. Mocking Jeezy. 2 part audio below

Transcripts of audio after the jump...

Ross: “From my point of view, [the tension with Jeezy stemmed from] a freestyle done on the BMF track where some things were said, and I attempted to address it like a real G would…(Flex: you reached out?) of course, but I never got a direct answer. So there were some things being said on record, which perpetuated that there may be pressure, that there may be beef. I always did business with homie, so if it was, it would have felt sideways….”

Rick Ross: “When you talk about this street life and being one hundred and being solid, it’s certain things that you bring to a person…and that never happened. But…everyone who want to talk about being gangster, we were just at the BET awards and I sat in the front row. He performed. If there’s any pressure…handle it right then. That’s the person that I am. So if we not gonna handle it right then, if you see me and you keep walking…(Flex: then there shouldn’t be any problem.) Not at all…”

Flex: “Before your biggest albums came, Jeezy represented that street, party element….and since then, you’ve captured some of that….”
Rick Ross: “Some of that? Or all of that?”
Flex: “You have captured all of it. And that is pressure…that second and third album, the hood really gravitated to you. That might be where you and Jeezy are having a problem…”
Ross: “If that’s the case, we label those feminine ways…where I come from, every man gotta hold his own. I can be ’round Puff Daddy, who’s worth close to a billion dollars, and not feel in no way inferior…if anything, that’s gonna inspire me. When I ask Birdman, ‘Was you inspired by Master P?’ He never told me nothing negative or spiteful….”
Flex: “How does that work with you and Jeezy being on the same label? That has to be hard….”
Ross: “Not at all, not to me. Def Jam, they know that’s Rozay, baby…..and on December 13th, we gonna cash another big check. That’s how we do it. We ain’t pushing that back. That’s in cement. We don’t push nothing back around here. We don’t push nothing back but the top on that Rolls.”

Ross: “[Jeezy] and Gucci Mane had a problem and one of his homies lost his life behind that. And they squashed that. We don’t play like that….if you feel a certain way, you gotta stand by it. This ain’t the kind of game where you just utter what you want, tweet what you want, blog what you want, and then when you run into somebody, it’s love….it don’t really work like that.”

Make of this what you will.


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