Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Katy Perry botches up Ni**as in Paris [Video]

I don't know where to begin, I know I'll start with criticising the whole thought process behind attempting to do this track. Firstly Katy you're white I'm pretty sure the word Ni**a is still a landmine of shit for your kind. Your manager should have not "let you get in your zone," with this one. A track this effusive, has lead many to do a cover. Jay and Ye did it best though. Secondly you don't have that black pass, which would allow you to throw the N word around, sure you dated Travis, from Gym Class, but let's face it he's about as black as the line up at the finals for swimming at the Olympics. You just plain had no right to do this. Then I get to the musical stylings, not to get all Simon Cowell on you but this just plain sucks balls. Please leave this beat to the Ni**as. I would however like to point out that, If Katy needs a "black pass card" she can get in contact with me. Theres a bunch of lining up to get into you, before we let you into our world.


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