Monday, March 19, 2012

Cape Town named most alcoholic city in South Africa

A city drowning
Fuck it! I give up week in and week out my friends do their bit to increase the Johannesburgs overall consumption. It seems our efforts just were'nt enough. We can't do it alone people. I view this asa loss and an insult, putting our livers on the line here, to not even warrnt a worthy mention? I mean what's wrong with you JHB, we got the money, the population, the actual mixed vibe?! Our failure stings deep.

The Department of Health has released the results of a study completed earlier this year that paints a grim picture of both Cape Town and the Western Cape”s rampant use and abuse of alcohol. Long story short, the study concludes that Cape Town is South Africa’s drunkest city, and the Western Cape its booziest province. Er, get that city a Bells?

Some of the more shocking statistics include:

•50% of the city’s population drink regularly.
•One third of the city’s population abuse alcohol regularly.
•Approximately 66% of school pupils in the Western Cape (Grades 8 to 10) drink alcohol.
•One quarter of that 66% admit to binge drinking.
These results are part of the PR drive the Department is undertaking to promote a documentary series it made last year called “Booza TV” which takes a look at drinking culture in South Africa. They are also liaising with community organisations in order to plan campaigns to curb the rampant abuse of alcohol in the Western Cape through awareness-raising and advocacy.

The report points to a number of factors that are responsible for the massive use of alcohol in the city and the province, including the relative ease with which alcohol can be acquired, the high stress levels and violence associated with life in certain sectors, as well as the widespread marketing of alcohol.


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