Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Woody Allen is just too busy for the Oscars

You get to the level of success and the age where everything oyu xchased just doen't seem as illustrious as it used to. Or, you've done this enouigh times to know that the show will go on without you. Woody Allen, I don't know what the case was for you, but I always like my octogenerians, a little on the eccentric side a la Denny Crane.

Letty Aronson, producer of Midnight in Paris and Woody Allen‘s sister, said she hadn’t talked to the filmmaker but was “pretty sure” he knew he won for best original screenplay.
“He was saying that the NBA All-Star Game was on at the same time [as the Oscars] so he might have to turn the channel,” Aronson said. “But I bet [wife] Soon Yi told him he won.” [THR]


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