Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DMX Breakfast Club Interview [Video]

DMX, has never been one to bite his tongue, it's a trait that, can be appreciated in todays world of ambivelence, sub tweets and subliminal shot taking. He steps in with the Breakfast club, for a rather lenghty pow - wow. I could just put up excerpts from the interview, but I feel it's done a lot more justice when viewed in full, also covering my ass, so as not to put anything out of context.

He touches on issues with Def Jam/Jay Z, the same issues we've heard from a countless other Def Jam dropouts. His thoughts on a few of todays most poular artists, namely Rick Ross, Drake and J.Cole. He says it so straight that it make Commons "sweet," look like a veiled diss. I would be remiss not to comment on X's twitchy demeanour. I'll be listening to the music to see if he can get back to those old heights.This rap shit is tough to crack without some friends in your corner, especially when you trying to make a comeback.


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