Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Punch Up at Sonny Bill Williams vs. Clarence Tillman weigh- in [Video]

The biggest thing to hit the rugby scene since Jonah Lomu. I'm not saying there haven't been good players since Jonah bowed out, but I much rather a players impact inm how the junior levels mirror the top athletes. Jonah came round, next thing every kid was on creatine hoping emulate Jonah as he bulldoxed his way through opponenets. SBW made his debut and the next weekend, much to their coaches chagrin, every kid was trying to pass the ball through tackles, often resulting in a knock on.

SBW also posesses the mass to compliment his skill set, and that size is also put to good use in the boxing ring. He has a title fight coming up in New Zealand, which I'm sure most of the rugby world will watch closely. This is a dust up that ensued at the event, it's more the sort of thing that would typically happen in a ruggby game, than al all out toe to toe exchange of blows. I'm lookig forward to this match.


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